Fall is the perfect time to get started on your garden in preparation for a beautiful Spring bloom! Here are some reasons why planting in the fall is a good option: Cooler air temperatures mean much less stress on the plant and more energy for root establishment. Ground temperatures cool much slower than air temps… [Continue Reading]

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October Gardening Tips

It’s best not to let layers of whole leaves pack down for the winter, as this can kill the grass underneath. You can run a lawnmower over the leaves to shred them. If collecting the leaves for compost, layer them with kitchen vegetable waste and thin layers of soil in the compost pile to help… [Continue Reading]


Thoughts of Fall

Fall evokes thoughts of crisp, cool air, geese flying overhead, and leaves crunching underfoot. Capture the spirit of autumn with an inviting display of plants near the doorway of your home. Your display can be as simple or fancy as you like, start with a basic potted container, and then add-on decorative accents. [Continue Reading]


Grow ‘em BIG

In pursuit of growing a ‘prize-winning pumpkin.’ For many of us, the crisp days of autumn mean a bounty of pumpkins for carving jack-o-lanterns or baking scrumptious pies along with the ingathering of all the other fruits of our labor. But for countless backyard gardeners, autumn is the time to ‘strut their stuff’ before the crowds that… [Continue Reading]


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