Wilt Pruf

Wilt Pruf is an anti-transpirant spray that is used to protect plants from drying out under environmental stress. When evergreens have been exposed to extreme cold drying winds in the winter they might not have enough moisture in their foliage to survive without help. Spraying them with Wilt Pruf gives them the added protection they… [Continue Reading]


Plans For A Winter Garden

What makes a “winter” garden special? Or perhaps the question should be: what makes an ordinary garden a special winter garden? Quite simply, the fact that a garden appears at a time when everything else in the winter landscape is dull, plain and brown is outstanding alone. Starting from the horizontal aspect, you may decide… [Continue Reading]



We offer outdoor lighting services that are guaranteed to turn your space into an atmospheric getaway in your yard. Create the ideal gathering area for parties, romantic evenings or deeply relaxing alone time.  Our lighting fixtures are provided by Unique Lighting Systems to ensure top quality and long lasting results.


November To Do List

Rake and compost large leaves from oak and maple trees.  Smaller leaves from ash, honey locust, and birch trees may be chopped with a mulching mower when dry and left on your lawn. Spread clean straw, marsh hay or oak leaves over tender perennials, newly planted bulbs and strawberries before temperatures drop into the teens… [Continue Reading]


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