Fall is the perfect time to get started on your garden in preparation for a beautiful Spring bloom! Here are some reasons why planting in the fall is a good option: Cooler air temperatures mean much less stress on the plant and more energy for root establishment. Ground temperatures cool much slower than air temps… [Continue Reading]

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For Your Lawn Now’s the time to seed or reseed your lawn. Keep grass seed moist until germination occurs. Add weed-free straw or salt marsh hay to hold seed in place. Apply lawn fertilizer and add lime if necessary. A 50-lb. bag of lime will raise lawn pH about 0.5 point per 1,000 square feet.… [Continue Reading]



The crisp weather of Fall is upon us. This subtle and beautiful season is the perfect time to add some flare to your garden. We have  brilliant mums, vivid bulbs, hearty and resilient cabbage and kale, as well as everything else you need to create autumnal nuance. We also have seasoned firewood available by the palette so you can… [Continue Reading]

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