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Creating a DIY Seed Starting Kit: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Green Thumbs

Introduction As the festive season draws near, the quest for the ideal gift becomes paramount, especially for those with a passion for gardening. Hampton Nursery presents an enchanting solution: a DIY Seed Starting Kit. This kit isn’t just a thoughtful gift for garden enthusiasts; it’s a delightful introduction to gardening for anyone. What is a […]

Creating a Succulent Wreath with Hampton Nursery

This holiday season, Hampton Nursery invites you to embrace the coastal charm of Hampton Bays with a delightful and sustainable DIY project: a succulent wreath. Ideal for those who love to combine seaside elegance with a contemporary, eco-conscious approach, this wreath is the perfect addition to your Hampton Bays Christmas decor. Follow our simple step-by-step […]

Beyond Poinsettias: Great Houseplants for the Holidays (and Beyond)

Greetings, plant lovers and holiday decorators! The festive season invites a wonderful chance to diversify your indoor plant display, moving beyond the beloved poinsettia to a world of vibrant greenery. Hampton Nursery has curated a selection of superb houseplants that promise to not only deck your halls during the holidays but also add charm to […]

Harvesting and Preserving Herbs: Tips from Hampton Nursery

As October drapes our gardens in its radiant amber tapestry, the invitation to collect and savor the aromatic jewels that have enlivened our meals and scented our spaces throughout the sunlit days becomes irresistible. To keep these verdant treasures vibrant through the frosty months, mastering the delicate dance of precise harvesting and diligent preservation is […]

Hampton Nursery Presents: Top-Performing Fall Perennials for Long Island Gardens

As autumn unfurls its tapestry of color on Long Island, gardens can experience a mesmerizing transformation. This is largely due to carefully chosen perennials that peak during these cooler months. Hampton Nursery is proud to spotlight the elite of fall perennials apt for Long Island gardens, including captivating flowers, ornamental grasses, and the ever-appealing heucheras. […]