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Seeds of Inspiration: Sparking Children’s Interest in Gardening this August

In the age of screens and mobile devices, reconnecting children with the natural world is more essential than ever. Gardening provides a refreshing alternative, offering a combination of education, physical activity, creativity, and an opportunity to bond with nature. As we step into August, this article highlights exciting gardening activities that you and your children […]

August Gardening Tips from Hampton Nursery: Embrace the Abundance of Your Summer Garden

As August graces us with its presence, your garden is likely flourishing with vibrant colors and lush greenery. Hampton Nursery is thrilled to provide you with valuable tips to make the most of this delightful month. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, here are some suggestions for each category in your garden: 1. […]

Bringing the Outdoors In: A Handy Guide from Hampton Nursery for Your Houseplants

As the seasons change and summer’s warmth gives way to autumn’s crispness, it’s time to welcome your outdoor houseplants back inside. The transition might seem like a challenge, but with this helpful guide from us, your plant-loving friends at Hampton Nursery, it can be a breeze. First things first, thoroughly inspect your plants for any […]

Instant Beauty: Choosing and Caring for Pre-Made Hanging Baskets for Your Patio Party

Every Hampton’s garden party or outdoor gathering needs the backdrop of a lush, vibrant garden. As the summer sun sets, leaving a warm twilight glow, there’s no sight more enchanting than a riot of blooming plants flourishing in decorative containers. Here at Hampton Nursery, we believe in the magic of color and the charm of […]

Painting with Petals: The Joy of Container Gardening at Hampton Nursery

Think of yourself as an artist, and your canvas is an inviting garden container ready to blossom into a vibrant medley of blooms, foliage, and unique plants. At Hampton Nursery, we hold the conviction that container gardening is not only a delightful way to spruce up your indoor or outdoor spaces but also an enjoyable […]

Beat the Heat: Shade Solutions for Your Summer Garden from Hampton Nursery

When the summer sun blazes overhead, finding shade in your garden becomes a top priority. Fortunately, Hampton Nursery has the perfect shade solutions to help you create a cool and inviting oasis right in your own backyard. From vibrant annuals to exotic tropicals and enduring perennials, we offer a wide range of plants that thrive […]

The Joy of July: Essential Gardening Tasks for Mid-Summer in Your Garden

From the experts at Hampton Nursery As we journey through the peak of summer, our gardens are a riot of color, enchanting scents, and the lively buzz of hardworking pollinators. The commitment and diligence we’ve applied since spring have manifested into a lush, thriving garden. While July is a time to take pleasure in the […]

June is National Pollinator Month: Celebrating the Vital Role of Bees, Butterflies, and the Hamptons’ Pollinator-Friendly Plants

June is a significant month for nature enthusiasts and environmentalists alike as it marks National Pollinator Month. This annual observance highlights the crucial role that pollinators play in our ecosystems and encourages individuals to take action to protect and support these invaluable creatures. In the picturesque landscapes of the Hamptons, New York, homeowners and gardeners […]

Summer Flowering Perennials: Top 10 Varieties for the Hamptons

As summer approaches, the vibrant colors and enchanting fragrances of blooming flowers grace the landscapes of the Hamptons. At Hampton Nursery in Hampton Bay, NY, we take pride in providing the finest selection of summer flowering perennials. These perennial varieties not only thrive in the local climate but also add a touch of elegance to […]

Gardening With Deer Resistance in Mind: Cultivating the Perfect Hamptons Landscape

We’ve noticed an uptick in customers expressing concerns about deer damage to their lovely gardens. After all, the eastern Long Island area is no stranger to these graceful visitors. We believe that it’s possible to coexist peacefully with our four-legged neighbors, while still maintaining a gorgeous, thriving garden. How? By wisely selecting deer-resistant plants and […]