Why Plant (or Transplant) in the Fall?

transplantHere are a few simple (although often unrealized) reasons why fall is the ideal season for planting:

Air temperatures are beginning to drop but soil temps remain warm, actually warmer than in the spring. This, coupled with increased rainfall, allows roots to get established quicker.  Warm ground is great for encouraging fast root development and with strong roots, your plant will be well established by next year.  If the same plant is planted in the Spring, it gets a slower start because soils are cooler.

As the days get shorter plants start to do dormant, so plants experience very little stress in transplanting.  Look at it this way, when the plant is asleep, it won’t even know it’s being moved.


Finally, fall is a great time to find plants at clearance prices.  If you haven’t done any shopping yet, stop by our garden center because our fall planting sale is going on now!