Gardening With Deer Resistance in Mind: Cultivating the Perfect Hamptons Landscape

We’ve noticed an uptick in customers expressing concerns about deer damage to their lovely gardens. After all, the eastern Long Island area is no stranger to these graceful visitors. We believe that it’s possible to coexist peacefully with our four-legged neighbors, while still maintaining a gorgeous, thriving garden. How? By wisely selecting deer-resistant plants and implementing some effective techniques.

At Hampton Nursery, we stock a wide range of deer-resistant plants that have been carefully curated to thrive in the Hamptons. These include not only native plants, which are naturally acclimated to our region, but also Proven Winners selections that offer outstanding performance and stunning beauty.

Deer tend to avoid certain types of plants. They dislike plants with strong scents, such as Lavender, Sage, and Thyme, which also have the added advantage of enriching your garden with beautiful aromas. Other Proven Winners plants like the Deer Resistant Mix of Superbells (Calibrachoa), Supertunia (Petunia), and Superbena (Verbena) are stunning flowering options that typically do not fall prey to deer.

Another tactic is to select plants with prickly foliage, like Barberry, or with a bitter taste, such as Daffodils and Foxgloves. Deer are generally not fans of these textures and tastes.

While the right plant selection can go a long way, additional protective measures can further deter deer. Netting or fencing can provide a physical barrier. For an aesthetically pleasing look, consider creating a natural fence with a dense row of deer-resistant shrubs, like the Boxwood or Andromeda, which we carry from the Proven Winners line.

Repellents are another option, either commercially purchased or homemade. A quick DIY recipe involves mixing an egg with water and a dash of hot sauce to spray on plants. This mixture, unpleasant to deer, needs to be reapplied after rain for optimal effect.

Remember that no plant is entirely deer-proof; if food is scarce, deer might nibble on plants they would typically avoid. But with the right mix of plants and a few protective strategies, you can significantly reduce the damage and enjoy a healthy, vibrant garden that complements the beautiful landscape of the Hamptons.

Stop by Hampton Nursery for personal advice on deer-resistant gardening and explore our selection of plants that promise a flourishing and deer-friendly landscape. Happy gardening!

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