Painting with Petals: The Joy of Container Gardening at Hampton Nursery

Think of yourself as an artist, and your canvas is an inviting garden container ready to blossom into a vibrant medley of blooms, foliage, and unique plants. At Hampton Nursery, we hold the conviction that container gardening is not only a delightful way to spruce up your indoor or outdoor spaces but also an enjoyable and fulfilling endeavor. We’re eager to support you on this wonderful journey into the art of container gardening.

A fundamental method for creating an aesthetically pleasing and balanced container garden is to understand the principle of ‘thrillers’, ‘spillers’, and ‘fillers’. These fun terms describe different plant types that form the backbone of your container arrangement, ensuring visual interest and harmony.

‘Thrillers’ are the central stars of your container, standing tall and providing a striking vertical element. They could be anything from vibrant flowering plants such as dahlias or snapdragons to plants with fascinating foliage like ornamental grasses or ferns.

‘Spillers’ are your trailing plants, gracefully cascading over the sides of your container, softening its lines and adding a sense of depth and movement. These could be flowering plants such as Million Bells Calibrachoa, or foliage plants like the sweet potato vine, renowned for its charming, heart-shaped leaves.

Serving as the backbone are the ‘fillers’, the plants that occupy the space between your ‘thrillers’ and ‘spillers’. They add body to your arrangement, creating a lush and full look. Fillers can be vibrant flowering plants like marigolds, petunias, and geraniums, or even fragrant herbs like basil or parsley.

When selecting plants, don’t overlook the color and texture of the foliage. It adds another dimension of visual interest and ensures your container garden remains attractive throughout the year. For instance, consider integrating tropical plants into your container garden. They provide unique textures and striking, colorful flowers, adding an exotic touch.

At Hampton Nursery, we’re committed to nurturing your container gardening journey. Our wide range of flowering plants, hanging baskets, and preplanted containers are designed to inspire your creativity, while our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always on hand to provide guidance and share their expertise. So, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, let’s dive into the fun of container gardening and create blooming masterpieces together!