While the coronavirus pandemic can be deeply stressful, it also gives us the opportunity to take note of the things we typically take for granted and what we are thankful for. While we’re going through this unusual time, We have found it helpful to focus on what we have, not what we are missing.

Family – We have all had the opportunity to spend quality time with family. We should all be grateful for our loved ones and a time of forced perspective, to consider what really matters to us

First Responders – Gratitude for the heroes of healthcare who put their own safety at risk to care for total strangers simply because it is what they do.

Neighbors – Let’s be thankful for supporting each other through our communities, whether that is sharing a meal with those in need, a ride to the polls or a member of your local pod.

Gardening – Having to stay home during Covid many have gone outdoors to garden. You’ve found a connection with nature that has both fed your family and your soul. New to gardening? Let this be the start of a life-long hobby!

You, our customers – Most of all we are thankful for you, our customers, who have supported us through a very difficult time. We appreciate your patience, encouragement and kind thoughts during a most challenging time.

Keep calm and carry on. We will get through this. Life will return to normal. It may be a new kind of normal, but this will all be a memory one day. Crisis brings out the best in people. Crisis reminds us why it is important to celebrate every day and share our love with family, neighbors, and friends. Crisis reminds us of how lucky we are and how important it is to take care of ourselves, our communities, and our planet.